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At Spencer T. White, PLLC, we handle many different kinds of legal matters on behalf of our clients in the greater Eagan area, including those involving family law, divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, property division, spousal support, and wills, trusts & estates. If you’re wondering if our firm might be a good match for you in helping you resolve your legal issue, call our office today to learn more about our services and to find out if we can help you.

Family Law

 Family Law Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCAt Spencer T. White, PLLC, we also believe that when it comes to tough issues like divorce, mediation and negotiation are far superior to other approaches. In addition to saving valuable time and money, spouses who negotiate their own settlements out of court tend to be more satisfied with the outcomes. Furthermore, a joint divorce conducted with the least amount of acrimony possible protects children emotionally and financially, and that’s something parents should consider before taking a case to court.


Divorce Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCOur firm handles all phases of the divorce process, including preparing and filing petitions and negotiating settlements or litigation. We also represent clients who are seeking the enforcement or modification of an existing family law order from a previous divorce.  We work closely with individuals at all stages of a divorce or other family law issue, from the decision to file through negotiated settlements or trial to post-judgment requests for enforcement or modification of existing orders.  We handle all matters related to or arising out of divorce, including child custody and parenting time, child support, marital property settlements, paternity disputes and alimony or spousal support.

Unmarried Parents (Paternity)

Paternity Attorney, Unmarried Parents | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCMany people are experiencing the joys of parenthood, but without a marital commitment.  If you are an unmarried parent, you need a custody and parenting time agreement in place with the court for several reasons:  1) it protects the best interests of the child(ren) in general, 2) it ensures that both parents are given access to parenting time, 3) it establishes the legal rights of the parents, and 4) it enforces the financial support needed to raise a child.   If you are an unmarried father, your legal rights to the child are not automatic – you need to insure that your father’s rights are preserved through the legal process.  If you are an unmarried parent, we can address any issues that may come up related to child custody, child support, parenting time, or adjudication of parentage and work to get a legally enforceable written document that you can rely on as your children grow and circumstances change.

Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCWhen you are involved in a divorce or custody proceeding, the most difficult choices you make often center on where your minor children will reside and how much time you will have with them. Parents want what is best for their children, and we are dedicated to make sure you are allowed to play a meaningful role in their lives. We can help you pursue child custody, parenting time or support orders that meet your children’s needs and reflect your financial situation – as well as that of your former partner – in an accurate and equitable manner.

We work closely with custodial and non-custodial parents, helping you put together custody and parenting time schedules that are in the best interests of your children while maintaining your role and your rights as parents. We will help you understand the distinctions between physical custody (where the child primarily resides) and legal custody (decisions about the child’s welfare, such as education, medical care and religious training) and work with you to establish and implement plans for parenting time that protect your interests and the interests of your children. We work hard to protect father’s rights and mother’s rights with the goal of an equitable balance that is in the best interests of the children.

Child Support

Child Support Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCOur firm handles the establishment of child support, and child support modifications.  In Minnesota, child support is determined based on state guidelines, which factor in the income of both parents, as well as any special circumstances, including health insurance, day care and other special needs. The obligation to pay child support is not contingent upon access to your children, nor is parenting time dependent on the payment of child support.

We will review all proposed child support orders for compliance with the guidelines and will act as your advocate if there are special circumstances to be considered. We will make certain that the calculations include all relevant income and that all sources of income are properly considered, including self-employment, overtime, commission-based and seasonal income.

We handle child support matters at all stages of a divorce, from temporary support determinations during the pendency of your divorce to post-decree requests for modification or enforcement of existing divorce decrees. We will carefully review the amount of parenting time, so that the child support obligations of each party are within the guidelines of the law.

Settlement vs. Litigation

Settlement and Litigation Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCFamily law issues such as those involving divorce, paternity for unmarried parents, child custody, child support or other sensitive matters can be emotionally painful for all parties concerned. At times, spouses and parents often make things even more difficult by threatening litigation or other legal action upon short notice. Although in some cases it’s inevitable that a domestic legal matter will end up in trial, this rarely happens in practice; in fact, no more than 5% of family law cases proceed to trial. A family law trial can exacerbate an already tense situation, and leave the parties with ill feelings that can affect the family for years. The State of Minnesota knows this, and that’s why the legal system is designed to encourage parents or spouses to settle cases rather than litigate them.  However, if your case needs to be litigated to reach a conclusion, we have experience at trial and are prepared to litigate if that is required.


Mediation Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCAt Spencer T. White, PLLC, we also believe that when it comes to tough issues like divorce, paternity for unmarried parents, child custody and parenting time, mediation and negotiation are far superior to other approaches. In addition to saving valuable time and money, spouses parties who negotiate their own settlements out of court tend to be more satisfied with the outcomes because they are making the decisions and compromises themselves, rather than a judicial officer who is a stranger to their situation. Furthermore, a joint mutually-negotiated divorce or paternity action conducted with the least amount of acrimony possible protects the children emotionally and financially, and that’s something parents should consider before taking a case to court; it also enhances the ability of the parties to co-parent after the proceeding is complete, which benefits everyone involved.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCOne of the hidden keys to a successful family law case is the negotiation of a comprehensive settlement agreement. For a divorce, paternity or child custody case involving minor children, the firm’s agreements contain an extensive parenting plan that clearly documents the understanding of the parties and helps mitigate the need for the parties to go back to court later to resolve associated disputes. Mr. White has many years of experience negotiating difficult and ambiguous legal situations on behalf of opposed parties, which is a significant benefit to those who choose to select Spencer T. White, PLLC as their legal counsel.

Property Division

Property Division Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCWhen it comes to property settlements, we strive to ensure that the debts and assets of a marriage are divided fairly and equitably. We are careful to consider and pursue the legal aspects of non-marital claims that may benefit you.  Business property, real property, insurance policies, investments, retirement funds, and bank accounts are all factored into any equitable division of property and debt, as should any outstanding or future taxes.

When working with clients, we encourage the prompt resolution of property disputes, so that you avoid spending excessive time and money arguing over items that can be replaced.  We will help you obtain valuations of property, when necessary, so that you have a fair distribution of property and obligations. We can work with other professionals, including accountants and actuaries, to determine fair market values for real property, retirement and pension funds, and business valuations. We will carefully evaluate the impact of different strategies on your taxes, including the withdrawal of funds from a retirement plan or the sale of a home. We will also help you assess and prepare for the impact of a divorce on future tax filings.

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

Spousal Maintenance, Alimony Lawyer | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCThe amount, length, and frequency of spousal maintenance (alimony) payments, if any, are based on a number of factors, including the relative financial capacity for each party to be self-sufficient, the length of the marriage, and other variables. If spousal maintenance is necessary, we can help you determine how much you may be entitled to receive or may be required to pay.  The law is continually changing, and we will give you the latest up-to-date assessment of your support analysis.

Order for Protection

Order of Protection Attorney | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLCFinally, we represent spouses or parents who are seeking orders of protection due to claims of domestic violence.  We take domestic violence very seriously and do our best to work through the associated legal issues to provide relief for those who are in need of protection.


Having experience with family law himself as the father of two children, Mr. White is a dedicated parent’s rights advocate who knows how important it is for parents – mothers and fathers alike – who are facing similar legal challenges to have compassionate, reliable legal representation during this difficult time. Because of his experience, we strive to counsel people strategically and emotionally beyond just the legal aspect of their issues to help them anticipate the next steps and keep anxiety levels to a minimum.

As an electronic-savvy firm, we utilize computer-based tools to manage your case and reduce the amount of hard copy exchanges.  Your file will be communicated and stored electronically for convenience and speed. We believe that electronic media not only better protects the interests of our clients, but also avoids unnecessary delay and expense in serving them.

At Spencer T. White, PLLC, we handle all kinds of family law matters on behalf of our Minnesota clients, including wills and trusts and other issues. Contact our Eagan office today to schedule an appointment with an understanding, capable family law lawyer who will do everything possible to protect what is in the best interests of you and your children. We look forward to speaking with you and getting to know more about your situation.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Estate Planning Lawyer, Wills and Trusts | Eagan | Spencer T. White, PLLC

Securing your desires as the owner of an estate that someday is to be transferred to loved ones or other significant parties is an issue that all of us need to address.  Often, these important considerations are postponed or delayed. We encourage those who are in need of or contemplating a transfer of an estate now or in the future to discuss your plan with us.  There are several ways to make the transfer simple, secure and private without compromising the ability to change your plan with the times.  A trust may be a good solution for you, or a will may be the best choice.  If you would like to discuss your situation and your options, please give us a call and set up a free 30-minute consultation.

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