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Minnesota Attorney Handles a Full Range of Family Law Issues

Knowledgeable Eagan lawyer assists with marital and parenting disputes

Challenges such as ending a marriage or resolving a parenting conflict are difficult enough without the added stress and expense that accompany litigation. At Spencer T. White, PLLC in Eagan, we make a concerted effort to resolve divorces, custody disputes and other family law matters through mediation and negotiation. As a dedicated parent and Minnesota attorney with broad professional experience, Mr. White understands that clients who negotiate settlements out of court save time and money — and are usually more satisfied with their outcome. A joint divorce also minimizes acrimony and protects children emotionally and financially during a difficult time. Whether you need assistance with a matrimonial action, a paternity issue or some other family concern, we explain your legal options clearly and help you pursue a favorable resolution.

If mediation and/or negotiations are not successful, we are prepared and experienced in litigation and can help you seek relief from the court through trial.

Dedicated firm guides areaclients through the divorce process

If your marriage is ending and it is time for a new start, we will protect your rights and explain key aspects of the state’s matrimonial law, including:

  • No-fault dissolution — Minnesota no longer allows spouses to seek a divorce based on their partner’s marital misconduct. Each dissolution is granted on a no-fault basis, with the parties claiming irreconcilable differences. One or both spouses must have lived in the state for at least six months to file for divorce.
  • Property division — When it comes to property settlements, our firm strives to ensure that the debts and assets of a marriage are divided fairly. We encourage the prompt resolution of these issues so that you avoid spending excessive time and money arguing over replaceable items. If an agreement cannot be reached, the state allocates property based on the principle of equitable distribution, which means that a judge, not you, determines what is fair. This is not always an even split.
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony) — The amount, length, and frequency of spousal maintenance payments, if any, are based on a number of factors. These include each party’s ability to support themselves, the length of the marriage and other variables. If spousal maintenance is necessary, we can help you determine how much you might be entitled to receive or required to pay.

At every stage of your divorce we apply the relevant law to your situation and give you honest counsel about your options.

Thorough Dakota County legal counselor handles paternity matters

If you are an unmarried and have a child with your partner, certain steps must be taken to establish legal paternity. Whether you are petitioning for a Voluntary Recognition of Parentage or are involved in a paternity dispute, our firm will pursue the appropriate legal relief. Children are entitled to emotional and financial support from both parents; once paternity is established, we can work out legal arrangements for parenting time and child support.

Proven attorney negotiates fair child custody arrangements

When your relationship with your co-parent ends, whether you were married or not, the most difficult decisions often relate to your children’s upbringing. We understand that as parents, you want what is best for your children, so we are dedicated to protecting their welfare while ensuring you continue to play a meaningful role in their lives. In matters involving decision-making authority (legal custody) and parenting time (physical custody), our firm works closely with clients to set terms that meet children’s needs.

Skillful advocate works to establish appropriate child support terms

Our firm handles the establishment, modification and enforcement of child support obligations. In Minnesota, child support is based on state guidelines, which factor in the income of both parents as well as any special circumstances, and the costs of health insurance, day care and other needs. The obligation to pay child support is not contingent upon access to your children, nor is parenting time dependent on the payment of child support. We review all proposed child support orders for compliance with the guidelines and act as your advocate if there are special circumstances to be considered.

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Spencer T. White, PLLC represents clients throughout the area in a full range of family law matters. Please call 651-401-6935 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation over the phone or at our Eagan office.